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As of 7/7/2021
We’ll be transitioning over the next 6 months to our new site.  
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New for Fall 2021
Online Review Course Updates for CAS Exam 6-US
EY Tables in Excel Format Now Available. We are also refining a large number of our Excel spreadsheets for our customers to download, as supplements to our article summaries, so that they can quickly assimilate and prepare for high point computational questions likely to appear on the exam.
Past CAS exam questions in Excel. To be completed by 6/21.
Practice Tests in Excel. To be completed by 9/1.
Study Manual Updates Made to the Spring 2021 Manuals

Now Available – Horn, D. and Webel, B., “Private Flood Insurance…”
Now Available – Odomirok, K.C., et al., Financial Reporting Through the Lens of a Property/Casualty Actuary…
Newly added:
Now Available – Cedar, D. and Thompson, A., “Reinsurance Accounting & Strategy for the Actuary,”
Now Available – NAIC,Statement of Statutory Accounting Principles 63, “Underwriting Pools,” paragraphs 1-11.
Now Available – NAIC, Statement of Statutory Accounting Principles 66, “Retrospectively Rated Contracts,” paragraphs 1-5, 7.a., 8, 9.a., 10, and 11-14.
Now Available – NAIC, The Center for Insurance Policy and Research, Risk Retention Groups, updated May 31, 2019.
Now Available – Webel, B., “Terrorism Risk Insurance: Overview and Issue Analysis for the 116th Congress”

Online Review Course
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Latest CAS Exam 6U Syllabus
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Fall 2021 Online Review Course

Start now and then join our course beginning 6/7/2021

An online course that is both asynchronous and structured.

Start the course at any time after purchase and complete it at your own pace and/or

Join in and follow our review course schedule through the months of June through October.

Weekly, beginning 6/7/2021, you will be emailed:

What chapters to read and a manageable set of questions to download and work through the end of August

Additional guidance during the final seven weeks on how to best prepare for the Fall 2021 Exam

Study Manuals and Tests - Now Available

Volume Description Number of Pages
Volume 1: Syllabus Sections A and B 512
Volume 2a: Syllabus Section C – Part 1 362
Volume 2b: Syllabus Section C – Part 2 454
Volume 2c: Syllabus Section C – Part 3, and D and E 445
Volume 3: Prep Tests and Exams 307
e-Review: Final Set of Prep Tests 173
Total Page Count 2,253


Printed and Digital: Available through and

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Sample Materials

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Article Summary Video: E&Y - Schedule P

Weekly Questions Video: E&Y - Part II

Using the Study Aids

Sample Video

Final Review Plan

Digital Study Manual Sample

Online Review Course Features

Complete Study System

  • Download study manuals, prep tests, article documents, excel spreadsheets and solutions to the latest exams from our e-Learning Center.
  • Watch article summary and problem solving videos
  • Manage your study time and problem solving approaches using our spreadsheets.

Article Summaries

  • Are based solely on the content of the actual reading.
  • Reduce the syllabus reading material to no more than 60% of the original content.
  • Include charts, graphs, triangles, etc. to reinforce key concepts discussed in the readings.
  • Aligns well with CAS Examiner’s comments on study manuals to contain content that reflects the official syllabus readings.

Solutions to Computational Questions

  • Extremely Comprehensive.  Robust solution commentary. 
  • Includes initial comments to initiate your thought process on how to frame your solution.
  • Includes a step by step solution process in both summarized and detailed formats.
  • Incorporating our highly instructional solution processes into your problem solving methods significantly enhances your understanding of the material.

New and innovative products

  • R.A.C.E questions and online video solutions to prepare for short answer questions.
  •  e-Review questions and online video solutions to prepare for questions with a higher level of difficulty
  • For more information, go to study program excerpts

R.A.C.E. questions and online video solutions.

  • R.A.C.E. (Read, Assess, Choose, Execute) is an interactive product to train candidates on how best to answer CAS exam short answer questions.
  • With the short answer component on CAS Exam 6 accounting for approximately 65+% of the points, you must adopt a method to write a quality response to such questions.
  • Our video instruction shows you how to write quality responses.

e-Review questions and online video solutions

The 3 fold purpose of this product:

  • To produce questions and solutions that mirror the level of difficulty of actual CAS Exam to the extent possible.
  • To offer video based solutions, in lieu of paper based solutions, to encourage candidates to engage in ActiveLearning.
  • To create syllabus section tests, with questions drawn from smaller subsections of the entire syllabus, to assist candidates in determining “what they know and what they  don’t know” in the weeks leading up to the their final exam preparation.

Time and Question Management

  • Your success on exam 6 is a direct function of how much time you spend studying the article and how much time time you spend working problems.
  • We take the guess work out of both by giving you downloadable spreadsheets to track your progress in both these areas.
  • Read more about these products below.

Syllabus Reading and Time Management by Article

  • Download our Reading Schedule for Syllabus Sections A and E, designed to get you through an initial review of all syllabus readings within a 12 week period.
  • Track Actual vs Expected number of hours spent studying by article.
  • Spending too much time on articles that are not heavily tested at the expense of not spending enough time on the more heavily tested articles can make the difference of you passing vs. obtaining a 5 or lower.

Points by article, by question type and by exam over the past two years

  • Download our pivot table that identifies what articles give rise to the largest number of points tested on the 2017 and 2018 exams.
  • Points tested by year, by season and by question type drive our recommendations on where you need to focus your time studying.

Question Management

  • There are more than 300 questions available to work since the release of the Spring 2011 Exam.
  • Understanding the nuances in the CAS model solutions to these questions is time consuming.
  • Download our question management spreadsheet to keep track of your understanding of each question tested since the Spring 2011 Exam.

Weekly Emails

  • Weekly emails are sent each week for until the exam date.
  • The content of these emails discuss the nuances of the articles associated with our recommended reading schedule.
  • These weekly reminders help to keep you on track to complete an initial pass through the entire syllabus readings, leaving you with 6+ weeks to focus solely on problem solving.

Richard Zarnik

Lead Instructor

Rich is the owner and founder of ALL 10. He is the author of ALL 10’s Exam 5, Exam 6 and Exam 9 online review courses and study materials. An associate of the CAS since 1996, Rich is thoroughly familiar with the syllabus readings and has in-depth knowledge of CAS’s always evolving exam structure. His passion for educating candidates is the driving force that shapes ALL 10.