Integral, Flexible and Mobile

It’s the result of months of development and a significant capital investment in building a comprehensive E-Learning environment.

Login to a single web portal, and you are presented with a unique interface:
one designed specifically for smart phones and tablets, and another specifically for laptops and desktops, since these devices have print capability.

The e-Learning Center brings together e-manuals, e-docs, e-Guidance, e-reports and instructional videos in a cohesive manner.
Most importantly, the e-Learning Center works with any device or browser you use to login with.

A 12 Week Structured Course

Our structured review course program differentiates itself from on-demand courses by guiding you through the syllabus readings in an orderly way.
Each week’s readings are manageable for you to review.
Follow our schedule throughout the 12 week period, and you will be left with exactly the right amount of time for final exam preparation, 4 + weeks.

A 4 Week Final Exam Prep Period

9/24/2014. The approximate date when most candidates will want additional guidance.
And that’s the date we will be working toward during the next several months to queue up additional questions, problems, and videos to best prepare you for the exam.

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