CAS Exam 9

Financial Risk and Rate of Return
CAS Exam 9 Date: May 3, 2019

Final Review Plan


Sample Materials

Last updated 11/30/2018

Read the Study Program Description below first and then the Study Program Excerpts.

book book
Study Program Description Study Program Excerpts


Spring 2019 Study Manuals now Available (in downloadable pdf format):

Volume: Description Number of pages
Volume 1: Syllabus Sections A and B 438
Volume 2a: Syllabus Section C 311
Volume 2b: Syllabus Section D 311
Volume 3: Prep Tests 107
e-Review Final Prep Tests 182
Final Review Guides Final “Go to” Document Downloads 306
Final Total Page Count 1,655

Printed and Digital: Available through and

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ALL 10’s Integrative Study System Components

The Exam 9 Enhanced Study Materials Package is a structured 12-week exam preparation course for CAS Exam 9: Financial Risk and Rate of Return. At the end of the course, additional guidance for problem-solving techniques is given via email, videos, and electronic study aids.
When you register for the course, you will be emailed a USER ID and Password to download our manuals in PDF format and to access our review course materials. Additional material will be released as necessary.

What’s Included?
• Access to instructional and problem solving videos from desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones
• Weekly emails to keep you informed of review course content that is released
• Study Manuals in downloadable PDF format; Over 1,025 pages
• Preparatory Tests; Over 100 Exam Type Questions and Solutions
• Access to five e-Review tests comprising 75 questions

Updates Availability

Online Review Course + e-Review customers:

If the syllabus readings change prior to the next CAS-scheduled administration of the exam you will receive downloadable pdf updates for free.

Study Materials + e-Reviews customers:

If the syllabus readings change prior to the next CAS-scheduled administration of the exam, you may purchase our downloadable pdf study materials update.

e-Learning – Integral, Flexible and Mobile

Login to a single web portal, and you are presented with a unique interface:

    • one designed specifically for smart phones
    • another specifically for tablets, laptops and desktops, since these devices have print capability

The e-Learning Center brings together e-Manuals, e-Docs, e-Guidance, e-Reports and Instructional Videos in a cohesive manner. Most importantly, the e-Learning Center works with any device or browser you use to login.

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Spring 2017 Exam 9 Online Review Course Schedule

Your time is valuable. Our concise and comprehensive article review and problem-solving videos are no more than 10-15 minutes in duration.

Our e-Review tests, released 4-5 weeks before the CAS exam, are designed to maximize your final weeks of study.

Six tests

  • Comprising over 75 challenging computational and short answer questions.
  • 15 CAS exam style questions per test

(Read, Assess, Choose, Execute) is an interactive product that we developed and initially released in the summer of 2014 to train candidates on how best to answer CAS exam short answer questions. With the short answer component on CAS exams accounting for no less than 35% of the points on exams 5, 7, 8, and 9 and no less than 65%-75% of the points on exam 6 preparing quality responses is an invaluable skill to master.

How it works

Candidates login to our e-Learning Center, download a series of actual CAS short answer questions, solve them on their own, and then watch our problem solving videos to see how their solution matches with ours. These videos are designed to train candidates to use an easily remembered (R.A.C.E.) step-by-step method to formulate consistently strong responses for short answer questions. Repetitive drilling guarantees that the process itself becomes second nature so that more time can be spent on identifying and recalling the concepts that are key to a high-point-scoring response.